Scenario Context features

In order to show how to use ScenarioContext
As a SpecFlow evangelist
I want to write some simple scenarios with data in ScenarioContext

  • Store and retrive Person Marcus from ScenarioContext

    • When I store a person called Marcus in the Current ScenarioContext
    • Then a person called Marcus can easily be retrieved
  • Tags: @andThisToo, @showUpInScenarioInfo

    Showing information of the scenario

    • When I execute any scenario
    • Then the ScenarioInfo contains the following information
      TagsshowUpInScenarioInfo, andThisToo
      TitleShowing information of the scenario
  • Show the type of step we're currently on

    • Given I have a Given step
    • And I have another Given step
    • When I have a When step
    • Then I have a Then step#This is not so easy to write a scenario for but I've created an AfterScenario-hook
      #To see this in action remove the @ignore tag below
  • Tags: @ignore, @showingErrorHandling

    Display error information in AfterScenario

    • When an error occurs in a step
  • Pending step

    • When I set the ScenarioContext.Current to pending
    • Then this step will not even be executed